With more demand and less supply than ever before, employers need to rethink and redesign their processes for finding and attracting the workers they need to help their business succeed today – and tomorrow. 

It’s crucial for manufacturing companies to have an effective, skilled and well managed workforce.  

That’s where Allegis Global Solutions comes in.  

We’ve worked with some of the biggest and best brands in the business for over 20 years, delivering a modern approach to hiring that’s engineered specifically for modern manufacturing. 

In an industry where efficiency and process design are critical, AGS delivers both permanent and contingent recruitment solutions that helps employers centralize their talent acquisition function.  

The result is minimal complexity, reduced resource error, improved quality, and ultimately, a higher ROI. AGS partners with manufacturers to build better businesses for businesses that build. 

Allegis Global Solutions. We're built to last.

Allegis Global Solutions: By The Numbers

  • 9000+ light industrial and distribution companies are current clients.
  • In 2016, Allegis placed 63,210 warehouse workers; 23,910 forklift workers; 28,804 assemblers and 24,998 maintainence technicians.
  • 924 dedicated recruiters with deep expertise in the light industrial and distribution industries.
  • 250,000+ manufacturing hires made every year, from the factory floor to the corner office.
  • 94% average reduction in third party agency fees, saving manufacturers an average of $250,000 a year in spend

Manufacturing Contractor Testimonials

With Allegis Global Solutions for Manufacturing, you can: 

Identify critical skills and proactively hire specialized talent, reskill & redeploy workers and optimize your labor costs through a single, centralized supplier

Improve worker productivity and overall workforce operations while creating better business outcomes through increased agility and scale.

Implement hiring quality control and process improvement initiatives for maximum human capital efficiency and efficacy  

 Align your skilled manufacturing talent with key projects and initiatives through unparalleled workforce insights and skills analysis.