According to research from the American Banker’s Association, financial services and insurance organizations with “fully developed people strategies,” supported by technology, are 92% more likely to respond effectively to changing economic conditions, are about half as likely to downsize and have revenues up to 26% higher per employee than their counterparts still working on getting their workforces to work better. 

Of course, in such a heavily regulated and highly competitive industry, putting the people pieces into place isn’t always easy. 

That’s where Allegis Global Solutions comes in. 

 See, we’ve got an established track record of partnering with many of the biggest brands in the business, enabling strategic workforce management that drives success for financial services and insurance organizations of all sizes. 

Allegis Global Solutions: By The Numbers

  • 9,000+ dedicated financial services & insurance recruiters.
  • 5,000+ financial services & insurance hires in last year alone.
  • 50% increase in time-to-fill versus traditional agency search.

With Allegis Global Solutions for Financial Services & Insurance, you can:

Transform top talent into a competitive advantage by maximizing your recruiting related investment through decreased time to fill and cost per hire. 

Manage risk from business disruption through talent networks, proactive pipelining, succession planning and candidate development. 

Reduce the risks and complexity involved with multiple talent acquisition providers and recruiting solutions by streamlining and simplifying your hiring process. 

 Ensure better business performance through a recruiting program that aligns with your specific long term organizational goals and objectives.