When it comes to technology, your product is only as good as your people – and having the right talent at the right time, all the time, is the most important code base for any organization today. 

That’s why Allegis Global Services was designed with tech talent in mind.  

We’re programmed to help drive optimal outcomes by helping companies all around the world hire better tech talent faster. 

We’re hard wired to develop and engineer the most efficient, effective tech hiring on the market. At Allegis, we fill thousands of some of the most difficult tech openings on the market every single year.

We hire more IT and tech talent than any company, anywhere in the world.

When it comes to tech recruiting, our stack is stacked.

Allegis Global Solutions: By The Numbers

  • 10,000+ dedicated recruiters specializing in tech sourcing and hiring.
  • 27+ million tech resumes on demand; our propriatary database represents approximately 80% of the entire IT workforce in the US.
  • 41 days average time to fill for global technology positions, compared to the industry average of 62 days.

With Allegis Global Solutions for Technology, you can: 

Accelerate time-to-market for new products and services while driving growth, accelerating sales pipeline and improving customer satisfaction

Dramatically decrease time-to-fill while reducing cost-per-hire for up to 50% less than traditional tech staffing solutions. 

Build new revenue streams through improved productivity, better products and faster time-to-market than ever before. 

 Align your technical talent with key projects and initiatives with unparalleled workforce insights and skills analysis.